Member of the Jury

Sophie Letourneur

For twenty years, Sophie Letourneur has been feeding French cinema with her beautiful, colourful films, off-the-wall comedies, photo novels and other unidentified objects, navigating between fiction and documentary. Desire, seduction, the couple, its longevity, existential anxieties such as the fear of solitude and boredom, the filmmaker has scrutinised and dissected them with humour and audacity. Her films mix gangs of chatty and furiously rude girls, mask-wearing sailors and pregnant men. In five short films and five feature films, including the recent anti-romantic comedy Voyages en Italie, Letourneur, who sometimes acts in her own films, has imposed, with a distinctive cheekiness, a language very much her own on the landscape of French cinema.

Photo by Florent Drillon.


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